Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How Millennial Are You?

The Pew Research Center has developed a 14-question survey to help us see how we compare to Millennials. I've always found it amusing to watch our nation push people into groups then begin to furiously use those made-up groups to market to them. This survey is also interesting since it now groups those born between 1928-1945 as silent. Hmmm, maybe the millennial creating the survey forgot about the Depression. The generation born in the window of 1928-1945 was certainly forever changed by that event.

Overall, the survey was a fun diversion. I was mildly surprised the survey did not hit on some of the greater topics that appear to divide generations such as alcohol use, borrowing for college, and the use of cash as opposed to debit cards. There's even simpler ways to see how the world is changing in simple questions such as do you wear a watch daily or do you own a camera?

On to my results from the survey. I am not a millennial. ;) It thinks I was born about 1970. ;) I'm feeling so youthful.

Either I am holding my own or sinking fast. :)

I am quite happy to stand tall and say I am not a millennial when it comes to tattoos. Fashion moments change and some day the last twenty-plus years of body disfigurement will be seen for the tremendous waste of money it has been. Unfortunately, those who have been conned into adding them will be stuck watching them while they fade and distort as their bodies age.

I was once again separated from millennials by not playing video games. I thought the results from the video games question was interesting. It appears to indicate that at least some of the boomers who learned about videos games playing Pong or Atari in front of the family television have carried that forward for many, many years. I expect the millenials game playing will drop off as they have more responsibilities in work and family.

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