Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oorang Indians

Many major sports leagues had franchises in small towns in their early years, but LaRue, Ohio may have been the smallest when it was home to the Oorang Indians between 1922 and 1923. The franchise existed to promote a dog kennels in LaRue which was famous for oorang airedales. The breed continues to this day as a larger than normal airedale.

As for the Oorang Indians, they had the star status of Jim Thorpe and not much else. Despite having him as an amazing athlete, the team won only two games during its existence. The tiny town of LaRue only hosted one of the team's games. Most were played in nearby county seat Marion, Ohio.

The town of LaRue is still a quiet small town today. Its main street has a pizza place, a bank, a post office, and a number of small shops. It probably is not much changed from that one day when the great Jim Thorpe took the field.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Uh Oh

the page editor missed something... or the page owner really doesn't like candles...

Either way, it makes for a fun read

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Christmas Tree Lights

I grew up with a Christmas tree decorated with lots of lights. Our family tree was loaded with opaque C7 lights. The tree would glow so warm it would heat the thermostat and make the rest of the house cold during the season. My parents were always worried about starting a fire and telling us to limit the time the tree lights were on. When they became available, we decorated the tree with cool bright lights. Once mini-lights were introduced, I started to add them to the tree.

Most of our Christmas trees were the same decorated with cool bright bulbs and mini-lights. Then in 2007 we bought our first sets of LED lights. They were super and replaced our C7 bulbs. We kept the midget lights until this year. This year I found a great looking set of midget LED's and replaced on of the two midget light sets.

C7 Clear Lights at a whopping 143 degrees

LED replacements near room temperature 76 degrees

Mini lights at 115 degrees

Mini LED's at 76 degrees

The energy savings is amazing and the tree still looks great. Lighting an entire tree with 45 watts is a wonderful energy savings, and the LED's look great.

2003 with lights

2012 with LED's

Saturday, January 5, 2013


One a recent cross-country skiing adventure, we noticed our local park system has added a Fix-It station at one of the junctions. These are great helps for bikers who find themselves with a bike in need of repair while they are on an outing. We didn't need this today, but someday the snow will be gone, and our bikes will return.

Recycling Aid

A few months back, Ali bought soft-sided storage containers from our local grocery store. They were being sold as an alternative to cloth grocery bags and a better way to protect groceries. Ali thought they would make perfect bins to hold recycle items. She was right. We used to toss our recycles into a large plastic bag(s). The bag could roll in the car and the recycle items would be all over the vehicle. These containers put a stop to loose items rolling around and they fold flat so once the recycle material has been dropped off these collapse to about the size and thickness of a newspaper. Ours came from a local store, but these are available at many retail locations.