Monday, November 19, 2012

The Geek and the Ice Cream Vending Machine

I'm a geek. I know it. About two years ago we added an ice cream vending maching at one of our New York facitlities. The entire front panel is covered preventing viewing of the inner workings. Our two Washington facilities now have the same machine, but the front face is half exposed. It was geek heaven. I got to see it in action.

There it is. The object of my interest.

First there was a big decision. Would it be a nutty butty or strawberry shortcake ice cream selection. Nutty sundae won.

The money went in, and my selection was made. Up went the cover of a chest freezer? Really, I expected more. I expected hi-tech. I could go to Best Buy and find one of these.

An indexed drive system moved the arm over to my C1 selection and dropped part of the unit down into the bin on the end of a cord.

Mining for goodies

My drumstick emerges from the bin with the help of a little suction.

Ah.... almost within reach

My treat awaits me.

Dante waits for the next customer.

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