Monday, November 3, 2014

Cree LED

Like many consumers we have been wondering what the lighting future may bring. We made the final switch a couple years ago to LED's at Christmas. We've known the lighting world was changing and have tried other non-incandescent alternatives like fluorescents. I've never liked fluorescents because they are slow to start and their color goes from bad to hideous. We tried one of the early $25 LED light-bulb replacements. It was a joke with very little light and an oversized price. We had finally settled on halogens. They met our needs and used about 75% of the energy of incandescents.

We didn't stop looking at options and this summer at one of the local big boxes found Cree LED's. At $6-7 each the price is manageable. What really stands out is the unit does offer comparable, if not superior, light to the old bulbs. We've had a number in place for a few months now. It's too early to tell how long they will last or if the color will eventually become less than desirable, but so far they are an improvement over the old standard of lights.

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