Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cold Facts

It's been a long, tough winter. With over a month to go before spring, it was sad to hear a local radio station proclaim this winter is the third worst in northeast Ohio for days where the high was 10 degrees or below.

Because there isn't much to do beyond looking at the weather stats and hoping for better days ahead, I noticed in January and February for northeast Ohio, all of the record coldest days have been recorded in my lifetime. :0

But wait, there are 18 days in January and February where the warmest days were recorded before I was born. Um, there's something wrong with this data. There's no reason for these 18 days to be stuck with 50+ year old records. I think we are owed some warm days so we can re-write these records.

Warmest and coldest days for northeast Ohio during January

Warmest and coldest days for northeast Ohio during February

There's one thing to be said for weather this cold. Walkin' on water is a whole lot easier. ;-)

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