Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Traditions

We were saddened recently when our player ate our VHS copy(yeah we're old) of Rudolph . It wasn't so much the loss of the tape which we've since replaced with a DVD. What we are really going to miss is the rest of the content on the tape. Our VHS tape was a copy from a network broadcast in 1994. We were able to date it from a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman ad for an episode. Funny, Jane Seymour has morphed from commercials for her TV show to hawking jewelry. She's still a Christmas staple.

It was, and is, rare when neither of us is traveling at the broadcast time. We taped it so we could watch it together. The network broadcast was a video montage of the past. It was especially memorable for 7-Up commercials at a time when 7-Up actually had a market share. It had these gooey Ronald McDonald commercials made with normal-sized children, and ads for a healthy JC Penney. We will miss the extra footage from our past. At least we can still enjoy Rudolph each year and wonder how our parents ever thought the show portrayed Santa in a positive light. It is an amazing way to show children of today that bullying not only existed in the 60's, but was encouraged if you were a reindeer or an elf.

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