Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snack Smart

I don't have a great diet. I expect it is better than most, but not what one would call good. That said, I watch with amusement as people seem to distill their dietary knowledge on everyone these days. An understanding of the words moderation and exercise have been pitched out the window so we can collectively chase the next get healthy/stay in shape scheme which is promised to require no work or effort from us. I was visiting one of our sites when I noticed someone had taken it upon themselves to mark "good" junk food items in the machine.

Yep, frosted pop tarts are snack smarter in someone's world. At least they are in comparison to candy bars and chips.

I'm not sure how these stack up against the other offerings in the case, but at 400 calories and 340mg of sodium for the two-pack, I'm not sure I would spend the snack smarter sticker on these items.

I must admit to being prejudiced to the unfrosted variety. I was really suprised to see the unfrosted option checked in with just as many calories and even more sodium. Does that mean the frosted goop on top has no caloric value?

The other winner in the case with a snack smarter sticker was double salami.

While the calories are fairly low, I'm not certain too many doctors would be thrilled with a one-shot, couple-minute intake of 630mg sodium.

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