Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out With The Droid... In With The New

The Droid is gone. It started to have charging issues. It would go from full charge to none in minutes and then re-charge in a few minutes. I couldn't miss a business call because my phone was acting goofy so I've left the world of Droid and joined the Apple collective. I never developed a warm, happy feeling for the Droid. I was thrilled to have it and a weather app with me when it started snowing on business trips, and I still needed to pass over Seven Mountains. I was dismayed whenever it sat on the passenger seat during those trips and began randomly calling contacts. I don't think any of those people really wanted to hear me singing. I never liked the way it handled messaging either.

So far, the Apple has been an improvement. It has yet to call someone while I am driving. Siri takes some getting used to and doesn't work as well as the tv ads. The touch screen is a lot easier for me to use than Droid's.

I'm one of the increasing few who still believe a smart phone is neither smart nor a phone, but I have hopes the iPhone will start to change my opinion. Now if I can just get it connected to my business e-mail. That would make my life better.

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