Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coke With Sugar

This site has had a real Coke twist in recent months. For anyone younger, you will not remember the time in the US before Richard Nixon pushed legislation which encouraged the growth of agricultural corporations and the explosion of corn syrup in our diets. In the olden days (yeah, I really am old) many common goods were made with plain old sugar, including sodas. In many parts of the world sugar is still the common ingredient for sweetning products.

When sodas had sugar, the taste of Coke was a real treat. The sugar drink is less sweeter. I had been on a few flights recently, and the Coke tasted like it was made with sugar. Recently a flight attendant gave us the can on a flight instead of just pouring a glass. Eureka, it is the Real Thing. United appears to be using some South American sodas on their domestic flights. It was wonderful.

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