Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've no idea how the food is at Moonwinks, but they have a great logo on their roof. Moonwinks was opened in 1936 under a different name. A little later, Douglas Petty of Olean won $5 in a contest to suggest a new name. Since then, it has been Moonwinks. Despite visiting Cuba, New York many times (Ali's deceased relatives have the strange distinction of both being from Cuba, New York and spending time in Cuba the country), we had never passed by Moonwinks before this evening. A bit of interesting history that no one but us would find interesting is that the area around Moonwinks is the original location of the town of Cuba, New York.

While you are are learning tidbits of trivia that you never missed not knowing, here's another. Ali's great-grandfather invented a product called the Gee Minnow Trap. It used to be manufactured here in Cuba, New York. Now it's made in another nearby town called Fillmore, New York. Years ago we visited the wonderful people at the plant that now makes the product.

Any restaurant with a logo this good deserves a visit. Maybe next time if we are here without the dogs...

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