Friday, August 24, 2007

Gazing Ball

One of the locals decided our state forest needed a gazing ball at the trail head.


Meggie said...

Don't those gazing balls turn up in the oddest places? I enjoyed reading your blog on geocaching. I found my first letterbox today and look forward to geocaching.

miatabug said...

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy geocaching as much as I do! Don't hesitate to ask if you have caching questions. This account user name is our geocaching name.

Meggie said...

Thanks for the offer re: geocaching. I haven't yet purchased a GPS unit. Do you have any suggestions?

miatabug said...

We've always owned Garmins. I have a Legend C that I bought used over 2,000 finds ago. Ladybug has a 60CSx that she got last year for her birthday.

The Legend C was taken out of the catalog, but it has been updated and now appears to be called the Venture HC. It now supposedly has the higher sensitivity that the 60Cx and 60CSx have.

I like the Legend C. It's a small unit and fits anywhere. It also fits perfectly in a generic dash holder that Target sells to snap in your car vent. The replacement Venture HC is about $160 and sounds like a bargain. On the downside all Garmin bodystyles like that unit have a rubber edge that will eventually get torn or come loose. That said mine has a lot of caching finds over some pretty rough terrain. It is damaged but a wide rubber band is great protection. For a heavy duty cacher it holds only 500 waypoints.

Ladybug's CSx is amazing. It holds signals everywhere and is faster to respond than my Legend C. If you go the 60C route keep your eyes open for a sale on a CSx. I was able to get Ladybug's for the same price as a 60Cx. The 60C series also holds 1,000 waypoints so you can hold a lot of caches in its memory.

Both use USB connections which are great for loading cache waypoints.

If you like letterboxing, you'll love geocaching. If you want it to be, its more social than letterboxing (events) and since the caches are visited more frequently, they are usually better maintained.

If you have other questions just ask or grab a account (it's free) and e-mail me through the miatabug acocunt.